7 incredible things to do in Kuala Lumpur by Stuff.co.nz

Dining In The Dark is featured in one of the highly visited portal among New Zealanders! Thank you for the encouraging review!

One of the best food experiences in Kuala Lumpur is a four-course dinner in a pitch black room – and you have no idea what you’re putting in your mouth.

To enter ‘Dining in the Dark’ you put your hand on the shoulders of your waiter at the entrance to the ‘dark room’ and with incredible precision, you’ll be led to your chair.

The waiters are all visually impaired, and have the floorplan mapped in their head. They use the odd clap or click of the fingers to make sure they don’t bump into each other.

You really can’t see a thing, meaning the plates need to be brought right up to your mouth to ensure it all goes in – but don’t worry if you spill something, nobody will know!

Part of the fun is guessing what you’re eating, and the chefs deliberately play with your mind by changing textures and tastes. Sweet corn ice cream anyone?


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