Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I bring my child?
2. How do we eat in the dark? How do we know whether we have finished?
3. What do you serve?
4. Do I have to choose the menu?
5. Do you serve vegetarian foods?
6. Is “Dining in The Dark KL” Halal?
7. How regular do you change your menu?
8. Do I need to make reservation or can I walk-in?
9. Will I be sharing table with strangers?
10. Are there a minimum/maximum number of people when making a reservation?
11. This is my second visit, will I be having the same food?
12. How long will I be in the dark?
13. Tell me about the dress code.



1. Can the staff see us in the dark?
2. How dark is “dark”?
3. Can we take photos while in the dark?
4. Why do we have to surrender our mobile phones? Can’t we just silence them and keep them in our pockets?
5. I am pregnant, can I dine here safely?
6. Tell me more about security inside the room.


If you encounter any reservation problem, kindly contact us directly at +6012 305 2011 or email us at