RM139.00 nett

Chef Recommended


At Dining in The Dark KL, we are a “pork free” restaurant. Our Classic Menu is a thoughtfully designed 4-course dinner by our trained staff. The difference? You will have your marvelous dinner in total darkness—We mean it, total darkness. Guided by our “Darkness Experts”, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Then, enjoy (and maybe wonder, guess, even speculate) the great tasting “Surprise Menu” specially prepared by Werner and team. Our service staff consists of the visually impaired and blind persons whom had led their daily life without or with minimal light. Why would you think we called them experts?

Classic Menu – RM139 nett per person for a 4 course meal

Vegetarian Menu – RM139 nett per person for a 4 course meal

Wine Pairing Menu – RM199 nett per person for a 4 course meal + 2 glasses of wine


Throughout this “gastronomic journey”, our guide would lead on where to start as well as where to go. Most of the time, it would be going anti-clockwise (do get your directions right) explore the varying flavours, aromas and even the textures.


“OVERTURE” – Ice-breaker

Enjoy our complimentary aperitif and participate in our pre-dinner games to prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.

 “PRELUDE” – Appetiser

Begin your journey with four contrasting tastes and sensations.


A duet of flavours to keep you comfortable and relaxed as you await the next discovery.

Inspired by tradition, three works of art worth seeing — You’d wish you could have a glimpse.

A symphony of five different creations dedicated to all sweet endings.

One may think it a challenge, or simply a unique experience of discovery, learning, & understanding. All you need to do is step in with an open heart, and trust our Darkness Experts to lead you through the journey.