December 2014


Steamed Chayote and Pomelo with Orange Hollandaise

Salmon Tartare with Parmesan Crisp on Apple, Celery and Walnut Salad

Sauteed Scallop on Rocket Leaves drizzled with Balsamic Soya Vinaigrette

Pickled Beetroot and Guava flavoured with Star Anise and Malt Vinegar


Chicken Consomme with Quail Egg

Lobster Bisque flavoured with Pernod and Cream


Turkey Breast with Soya and Star Anise Glaze on Quinoa

Orriechette with Zucchini Cream and Tempura Zucchini

Venison Goulash with Carrot, Celery and White Radish per fumed with Thyme and Bay Leaf


Ginger Bread Cinnamon Ice-Cream

Carrot Cake with a Mascarpone and Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Cream pot with Orange Zest and crumbled Finger Biscuits

Red Wine and Blackcurrant Jelly on Currant Puree

Apple and Raisin Tartlette with Apricot Glaze and a Hint of Cinnamon