Our Philosophy

At Dining in the Dark, we believe that it’s all in the experience. This special restaurant not only serves amazing food but also sparks a sense of adventure that will surely leave you with beautiful memories that can be cherished forever. The moment you step into our restaurant, you will realise that a unique dining experience is awaiting you.

You will be greeted by our darkness expert, most of them visually-impaired, who will be guiding you on how to navigate through your meal. Any objects that reflect light will be kept so that you can enjoy your meal in total darkness without any interruption. The meal itself, which is specially curated by Chef Werner Kuhn and his team, uses a combination of different textures and flavours that are distinct and strong. Without the sense of sight and the knowledge of what is on the plate, you will be challenged to use all the other senses when having your meal. This will inevitably heighten the acuteness of your sense of smell, touch and taste and takes the appreciation for food to a different level.

This special restaurant in KL that provides a unique dining experience is also open for corporate and private events. Many patrons have given us the privilege of hosting their joyous celebrations and being a part of their romantic wedding proposals.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I bring my child?

A: We encourage children aged 12 and above.

  1. How do we eat in the dark? How do we know whether we have finished?

A: Be creative! Do not underestimate yourself, you will eventually find out how and settle down with the method you find most comfortable.

  1. What do you serve?

A: We serve mainly continental cuisine with a mix of oriental and Asian dishes. Don’t worry, creepy-crawlies are off the menu.

  1. Do I have to choose the menu?

A: No, the menu is set and it is a “Surprise Menu”. So, all you need to do is to let us know your food restrictions due to allergies, religion, or health reasons and we will make the alterations if necessary.

  1. Do you serve vegetarian foods?

A: Yes, we do.

  1. Is “Dining in The Dark KL” Halal?

A: We are a pork-free restaurant and our meat products are certified Halal.

  1. How regular do you change your menu?

A: We change our menu seasonally. If you are returning with a different friend or group soon after, you could check with us about the menu status.

  1. How long will I be in the dark?

A: Our standard dining duration is 90 minutes. However, we would advise for you to reserve approximately 2 hours from the time you arrive until the menu is revealed to you.