Romantic Dinner Restaurant in KL


The menu in Dining in the Dark, KL is truly special — simply because diners will not know what will be on their plate until the ‘revelation’ after the meal. Every four months, Chef Werner Kuhn and his team will devise a Surprise Menu that is kept a secret so that diners will get to fully-focus on their meal and explore their different senses – except for their sight – and guess what is served to them. The 4-course surprise menu that includes appetizer, soup, main course and dessert, is rich in flavour and texture to maximise the diner’s dark dining experience. If you are on the lookout for new food in KL, Dining in the Dark is the place to go as the menu is constantly changing.

Dining in the Dark menu is pork-free and all food preparation is made according to Halal standards. For diners who have allergies or dietary restrictions due to religious or medical reasons, special modification can be made to the menu. However, dietary preferences will not be entertained as the dark dining restaurant concept encourages diners to explore a variety of flavours, textures and aroma, down to each and every ingredient used in their food.

The surprise elements plated by Dining in the Dark make it an ideal spot for a romantic dinner in KL. If you are looking for a romantic restaurant that gives you and your loved one unique dining experience, Dining in the Dark has it all — a welcoming atmosphere, a surprise menu, a challenging, yet exciting meal and a mind-boggling sensorial adventure.

Menu Options

Classic Menu @ RM 188++ (RM218.10nett) / person

Vegetarian Menu @ RM 188++ (RM218.10nett) / person

Wine Pairing Menu @ RM 248++ (RM287.70nett) / person

The Concept

Sample Menu (Classic)

Sample Menu (Vegetarian)

Beverage Menu