Fancy treating yourself or your loved ones to a unique dining experience? Dining in the Dark is a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of KL that serves special, one-of-a-kind dinner. As the name suggests, Dining in the Dark requires patrons to dine in total darkness. Why? – you may wonder. The concept of dining in total darkness has been popularized in many countries and Chef Werner Kuhn brought in the idea to Malaysia in the year 2012. Aimed mainly at promoting appreciation to the gift of sight we are blessed with, it is believed that total darkness heighten other senses, bringing food appreciation to a level one can never imagine.

The fun part is, the 4 courses meal served by this unique fine dining restaurant in KL is a total surprise to diners. The specially curated menu is made of ingredients that are rich in flavour and varying texture. Diners can play the guessing game and wait for the reveal at the end of the special dinner.

A romantic dinner doesn’t have to be boring. Dining in the Dark can inject a dose of excitement to your special night out. If you want to have a private party in the dark, this unique restaurant in KL can accommodate that too. Dining in the Dark makes fine dining fun and special!