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Looking for the best fine dining in KL? Dining In The Dark KL is the one that you should try first.

A restaurant in total darkness. A completely new sensory experience. DINING in the DARK KL, the very first of its kind in Malaysia.

The optic nerve is overridden – your other senses take over. Every sound, every movement, every taste, every breath is an adventure!

Thoughtfully designed and carefully prepared surprised menu fit for a fine dining—Starter, Main, Dessert—with varying flavours to give your palate a wonderful experience and your mind… an exciting challenge!
One may think it a challenge, or simply a unique experience of learning and discovery. All you need to do is step in with an open heart (with some excitement of course) and, trust our expert guides to lead you through the whole dining experience.

While the restaurant is not a fine dining restaurant in KL, however the concept of the servings is of top-notch quality in food and service. Our menu is changed seasonally to offer the new kind of food in KL. This special restaurant offers a novel gastronomic experience for food lover and diners alike. If you are looking for the best fine dining in KL, come to Dining In The Dark to try out the new food in KL.


  • Your own space to create that unique design you desire—It is all in your marvellous imagination, because there is no light to influence you. “The absence of light lets your brilliant self shines so bright”


  • A cosy yet exquisite ambience set out for you whilst you explore the remarkable experience of DINING IN THE DARK.


  • The Surprise Menus are designed to bring you through a marvellous gastronomic journey, where the true flavours and tastes of food have not been influenced by your sight. No, the darkness does not mean we compromise on your fine taste, NEVER!


  • Total Seating – 58 people



Guided by our “Darkness Experts”, all you have to do is relax and trust. Then, enjoy (and maybe wonder, guess, even speculate) the great tasting food specially designed by Werner and team. Our service staff consists of visually impaired and blind persons who lead their daily life without or with minimal light. Why do you think we call them “experts”?



AboutUs-3Some say that in a world of senses, taste is the queen. It is a pleasure, but also a protection that can tell the difference between what’s good to eat and what could be harmful.
Still, taste is so personal, that many have linked it to the personality of the individual. Some are sweet, others are not, and make acid jokes. A hateful person is said to have bitter feelings.



  • The sense of taste is the crudest of our five senses, giving us less information about the world than any other sense.
  • Taste is a chemical sense, like smelling. There are 5 basic kinds of taste: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami (savoriness), like the taste of monosodium glutamate.
  • The spicy foods (like chili peppers) stimulate the pain receptors, not the taste buds. They cause a sensation of burning on the skin, too.
  • There are the 6th and 7th tastes – Piquant and Metallic. Look it up.
  • Taste is connected with the other senses. What we call “taste” is a complicated synthesis of smell, taste, touch, texture, sight, chemical irritation (like the burning produced by a chili pepper or refreshment induced by mint) and temperature.
  • People can learn to distinguish more flavours and tastes than normal, as is the case with tea or wine-tasters.



When we see a warm bread, we start to drool. When we touch it, it is already too much. We salivate and feel the taste of our favorite food before touching it. In the end, people believe more in what they see than in the other senses. Try to taste an orange juice and a grapefruit juice with your eyes closed. You won’t be able to see the difference. One interesting thing: people tend to avoid blue food.


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